Certificates of conformity on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment, July 2013

Last year Serbian Ministry of Culture, Media and Information Society adopted Regulation on radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment which was published in the "Official Gazette" No. 11/2012 from 14th February 2012. years (hereinafter referred to as Regulation on R&TTE).

It stipulates that for certain groups of products is necessary to obtain the Confirmation of Conformity before puting them into use in the Republic of Serbia. Up to now competent Ministry has appointed only one body for conformity assessment and issuing of these documents: Republic Agency for Electronic Communications RATEL.

We inform all our business partners that we applied on 29th of March 2013. (almost 4 month has passed) to be appointed for conformity assessment bodies of the product under the Regulation on R&TTE, but have not yet received any response. We were informed that the procedure is in progress, but when it will be finished - we do not know.

As soon as we get any official information, we will publish it here.

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